Hope is Alive and Well

We worry and fret, riding along our own anxieties like they were as real and frightening as the recycled, still running, first, wooden roller coaster built at Coney Island in 1926. Odd analogy, unless you know I recently came across the very same coaster (or parts of it - it was dismantled in 1948 because of it's frightening reputation and rebuilt as the Cyclone. When the park closed in 1989, Great Escape in Lake George acquired it. Once again it was rebuilt and I swear, it's the Comet, which was the Cyclone from Coney Island. After taking my life in my hands and getting on that rickety wooden track in what felt like all original parts (Yikes!), I wanted to kiss the ground when I got off. The kids Loved it, of course. 
I got thinking our worries are recycled about as efficiently as that old roller coaster, running at breakneck speed, bumping, rickety, shaky, feeling unsafe yet familiar. It did remind me of ones I rode as a kid, although those were much smaller. 
Where's this going.. I dunno, I guess the point is letting go of old ways is incredibly hard. At least as hard as it would have been for me to un-grip the handle in the cart I rode on as it rattled at breakneck speed along wooden track.

I was teaching a religion lesson to my daughter today, and a picture really caught me. (Sorry I can't scan it- not too savvy that way) It showed a car kind of hanging off a cliff and stuck in the mud at the same time. A tow truck driver had pulled up to help. Only he was telling the driver he couldn't help him till the man took his foot off the break. Funny, right?

We're the man, the car is our life, and God is the tow truck operator ready to help, wanting to help, but being the Guy He is..respecting our free will and all.. well, He can't help us till we slip it into neutral and give him the power over our life.

Pray for me and I'll pray for you - all you beautiful souls who happen to live with SSA, either yourself or your loved ones.


You can read more about the Comet (Cyclone) here: 
Preservation of the Comet at Great Escape