Friday, November 13, 2009

Where There Is Love

Hey - I've been involved of late talking to (debating with) men and women who disagree with my opinions about same sex attraction and other conditions or considered anomolies like transgender issues, bisexuals, fetishes, etc.

Talks get heated, feelings hurt and motives questioned. But there is one ingredient with the most sincere individuals that acts as a salve allowing the communication to flourish. On the flip side, when the magic ingredient is missing or lacking, the converstaions invariably turn ugly and nothing of any benefit is produced.

LOVE is that magic element - I can't belive how cliche that sounds. Call it charity if you want, but no matter what you call it, get some. Remind yourself of it when you are communicating your thoughts on subjects of SSA et al. Without it we can't begin to understand each other.

I have found it is extremely personal for most people who even bother to debate or take a stand or investigate their own thinking. People who suffer, people who watch others suffer, people who feel they can help, people of conviction convinced of their personal truth, and people who believe it is their business to lead others.

JMO - When you find yourself sparring with someone over your beliefs and knowledge of SSA, take time to delve into their personal motives and experiences. If its online ask them in a PM to share with you if they will their personal reasons for beliveing as they do. This is where the empathy is born and LOVE is right behind empathy. It's how we're programmed.

Take time to KNOW the other guy and maybe we can all cool off the heat in these discussions and actually gain some ground in changing hearts and minds, in growing, and in finding ways to heal wounds.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Let us fear lest the angered judge say to us: If you were the enlighteners of My Church, why have you closed your eyes? If you pretended to be shepherds of the flock, why have you suffered it to stray? Salt of the earth, you have lost your savor. Light of the world, they that sat in darkness and the shadow of death have never seen you shine. .. since you have done nothing but seek to please men? You were the mouth of the Lord, and you have made that mouth dumb.

St. Charles Borremeo, whose feast is today addressed a synod of Bishops with these harsh words in like 1545. Yet Charles could have been addressing almost any Church today for its treatment of homosexual issues.

Does the church close its eyes, ignore the suffering, marginalize the families of SSA. Has the church suffered its lost lambs to stray? Is the light of truth hidden behind political correctness, fear and ignorance of clergy. Does the relative silence on the issue render the mouth of the Lord dumb?

How many innocent boys and girls could be spared shame and undeserved guilt. And how many could be spared walking down a path of homosexuality because they wrongly believe they have no other choice?
How many parents could be educated, armed with the knowledge of truth preparing them to accept, to love and to nurture their SSA child? (And how many more could learn enough to thwart the development of SSA altogether?)
How many laity could be filled with proper Christian compassion so that no one would ever again have to climb in a closet?
I guess only God knows the how many's...
All we can do is work with what is and hope for what can be.

Here's to St. Charles,