In Defense of SSA THERAPY

Listen to Peter Briggs testify before the DC City Council explaining how re-orientation therapy has been helpful to many.
Briggs, from the Family Research Council does an amazing job. I would only add this. The talk of re-orientation is not my favorite way of speaking about therapeutic help for those who struggle with SSA (same sex attraction.) I believe the movement for educating the public on SSA, it's true origins, what it means and what it does not mean is harmed by the perpetuation of the idea that therapy is aimed at "changing" someone's attraction to the same sex INTO an attraction to the opposite sex. THE TWO ARE ENTIRELY UNRELATED. This is the message that seems to continually be lost when debating therapy.  
Peter does try to clarify this, but I believe it is important to admit our brokenness, important to understand that those who have SSA necessarily are broken in the sense that we usually carry deep emotional wounds and have many unmet and legitimate same sex emotional needs - whether perceived or real.
The greatest tragedy of all this political crushing of SSA counseling and therapy efforts is that those who WANT professional help can no longer find it. Their freedom to pursue their own emotional and mental health is dangerously thwarted by denying them the vast knowledge and tools of the medical professions.
Thank you Peter Briggs and the Family Research Council for your defense of this sorely needed therapy.  


  1. Yes, we have deep emotional wounds...
    Don't forget that they're inflicted by people like this.

    Those wounded can still seek help. The only thing banned is harming them further and calling it "help".

    "...hateful speech will not be tolerated"?
    I have a sneaking suspicion that moderated comments are more likely to be not hateful enough.

  2. Evill, saying that those wounds were inflicted by "people like this," (which I assume means anyone who does not accept the gay lifestyle as a legitimate alternative to a heterosexual lifestyle) is a commonly held mis-belief. If the emotional as you seem to suggest come from a sort of feeling or fear of a lack of acceptance, then how do you explain the equally high numbers for depression, suicides, drug & alcohol-dependency among gays in countries where homosexual behavior and lifestyles are widely accepted even encouraged?
    For instance, in Sweden, the government reported percentage of gays with reported psychological issues is the same percentage as reported in Dominican Republic , where the gay lifestyle is widely UN-accepted? This fact seems to suggest that what SSA HOPE purports on its website, that is SSA is caused by a conglomeration of factors that converged to develop SSA in an individual and it is those factors which contribute greatly to the deep emotional unhappiness of those with SSA.
    Living the real dream - back in HIS embrace - a forgiven lamb resting on my savior's shoulders.


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